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Conservatory Roofs

Over time conservatory roofs can become very dirty and covered in layers of green algae, making your whole conservatory look very unattractive. These layers of green algae can also block a huge amount of sunlight from entering your conservatory. It is best to have the roof cleaned regularly to avoid this from happening and to keep it clean.

We recommend cleaning your conservatory roof at least every 6 months. Other contaminants that can dirty your conservatory roof are pollen, dust, moss and bird droppings.

If your conservatory roof is made from self cleaning glass it will stay cleaner for longer than untreated glass. However it will still need cleaning from time to time, and depending on the direction your conservatory is facing and where you live, there will be varying amounts of moss and lichens appearing and inevitably green algae and bird droppings that will need to be cleaned off.

At BlueSky we provide a superior conservatory roof clean.

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