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Patio & Drive Pressure Washing

Patio Driveway Cleaning 

If your driveway is looking a little tired and dirty, BlueSky are highly experienced in all aspects of driveway cleaning. Over time your driveway can gather moss, weeds, algae and dirt leaving it discoloured and looking old. Our driveway cleaning service uses the latest technology and chemicals to bring it back to life. Using our Rotary flat surface cleaner and pressure washer we can easily remove all build of dirt. 

Driveway Re-Sanding 

After pressure washing we re-sand with kiln-dried sand. If not re-sanded you may risk the blocks moving around which can cause the driveway to damage and become uneven as vehicles drive on and off it. Therefore it is important that the driveway is re-sanded after the pressure washing has been done to avoid this happening.

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