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Roof Cleaning


During our first visit to your property we would like to discuss with you all three methods, offer recommendation and advice. We would also price the job with having in mind your chosen method of cleaning.


Rotary Roof Cleaning

This is done with the use of specially designed for this purpose equipment: small rotary low-pressure washing plate and/or lance with adjustable pressure. Please note that these tools are different to the ones used for pressure washing of patios or driveways- the key in cleaning the roof is the angle at which the water jet hits tiles and the pressure of water.

It is likely that Debris cleaned from your roof will fall onto surrounding areas. To avoid any unnecessary mess, areas around your property will be covered with Tarpaulin and Debris will be removed.

Tower Scaffolding, Roof ladders and when needed also a cherrypicker is used during the process of cleaning.

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One of the gentlest yet very effective ways to remove moss and clean the roof is by way of scraping. We use specialised scrapers designed for roof cleaning.


We use a Bio-Friendly Softwash treatment!

Where do we cover?
Essex - Greater London - Kent - Surrey - West Sussex - East Sussex

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